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Healing Crystals "Promoting the Education and Use of Crystals to Support Healing" The Finest Quality Natural Crystals, Quartz and Gem Crystals - Crystals, Minerals, Fossils, Meteorites, Rocks
Cosmic Cuts - They specialize in high-quality amethyst geodes of all sizes. Om Shoppe,crystal singing bowls,singing crystal bowls,meditation bowls,Himalayan salt lamps
Aurashop : Crystals, Healing, Aura, Chakra, and the Metaphysical
The The Crystal Matrix Center

The Little Gallery and Rock Shop

Cosmic Radiance :Energy Healing Treatments
Large selection of Minerals and Fossils, Eggs and Spheres, Fossil Replicas and Carvings.

PATINKAS: One Stop Crystal Healing Shop & Superb Gemstone Jewellery
Web site: Tel: +44(0)1730-829707


Australian retailer of natural crystals and minerals. Extensive catalogue for new age collectors and energy healers. - Sydney, Australia

Cooloola Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils, Gemstones, Polished  
COOLROCKS for Australian, Worldwide, Minerals, Rocks, Fossils,  Crystals, Metaphysical

Wholesale Beads: Buy exceptionally unique beads at wholesale price from online bead store. They are natural, handmade, beaded 'n beautiful

Crystal-Bracelets :Large Selection of crystal Bracelets

Healing Crystals, Stones and Gemstones From Crystals, Rocks and Gems


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Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing
Glyph Etching
Chakra Healing
Hado Institiute Of Australia
Inspirational Quotes
Infinite Waters:Diving Deep
Hebrews and Crystals-Fascinating
Crystal Formations from
Toxic Minerals in crystals
Crystals and the Bible
John Kettler
Chakra Meditation
What the hell is anthraxolite and the black stuff in quartz ?
Objective Soul
Secret Lanuage of Birthdays
Silvia Institute


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