Crystal Healing Technique 1


The following Technique involves crystals ,visualization and Breathing.Using crystals for healing and achieving your aspirations
1)Using a crystal such as Rose Quartz,Aquamarine,Ruby.
2)Sit Up straight in a mediatation Position.
3)Feel the energy coming from the crystal ,hold the crystal in your hand.You can use one crystal or many different crystals at the same time.
4)If it is Rose Quartz you should feel a calming gentle energy.If it is clear quartz you should feel a invigorating ,charging energy.
5)Think of the color associated with the crystal ,eg clear quartz =white light,rose quartz red light,Amethyst =Purple light.
6)Now focus on your physical ,emotional ailment,the part of you that needs healing,improvement, "help in your life"It is better if you use the correct crystal for the correct diagnosis,but it does not have to be.In this example I will use my Sciatic back pain.
7)Holding my Amethyst sphere in my hand ,I take a deep breathe ,feeling the energizing energy from the sphere,
I visualize the energy coming from sphere going to my Sciatic nerve,while at the same time inhaling ,think words such as "health,good, wholesome",and visualizing the purple light and energy from the Amethyst sphere filling the area of my Sciatic nerve.And then breathe our the antonym eg sickness,stress ,pain.
8)If you wanted to accumulate weath ,while holding a Ruby sphere ,you would take a Ruby Sphere ,feel the Ruby energy and visualize the Ruby energy with Red Rays filling your whole body.You do this as you inhale, and visualize the Red rays from the Ruby filling up your whole body will saying words such as "wealth ,rich ,affluent".Breathing out antonym Poverty,Poor with imaging dark light. Just sit there and repeat the breathing ,and visualization for about 20 minutes ,and the results will astound you.
9)If you wanted to improve your communication skills,you could hold Aquamarine in your hand and visualize the blue rays penetrating your Throat Chakra ,as you breathe in thinking words a glib,smooth tongued,fluent ect.Breathing out antonyms such as constriction,tension etc with dark light.
10)The main idea is to transfer the healing ,wholesome ,intelligent energy from the crystal to the area where healing,enhancement,change is required,this is done thru the breathe as well as thru the meridans from the hand to specific parts of the body.
11)This is just an example ,but it can be used for any physical ailment to any physical ,emotional or spiritual aspiration.It can not only be practiced on oneself,but on any living organism in the same room ,house,country etc as long as it is in the same solar system as our own.
12)I have tried this and I find the results very positive;.


updated 07-12-2010