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North Hollywood Ca,U.S.A

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Home » Crystals » Sodalite


7 Chakra Pendulum Wand Crystal Point and Sphere 5191


7 Chakra Pendulum Wand Crystal Point & Sphere 5191 Has a Quartz point and Sphere .Pendulum chain is 6 inches.Weighs .5 oz(16 grams) Dimensions of Wand including point and sphere 3.5" x .4" x .4"(9cm x 1cm x 1cm_ Has the effect on the followinfg chakras ,from top to Bottom. 1)Amethyst open and heals the heart chakra 2)Blue Adventurine By clearing the Throat and Third Eye Chakras 3)Sodalite third eye chakra brings excellent energy into your life 4)Green Aventurine rules and heals the heart chakra 5)Yellow Avneturine ,balances Yin Yang Energies for the 5th Chakra 6)6th Chakra Orange Adventirine calms and Stills the Mind, third eye chakra. 7)7th Chakra Red Brecciated Jasper,stimulates base and sacral chakras.Stone of strength and vitality,for the crown chakra. Made in India.
List Price: $35.00
Price: $25.00

Powerful 7 Gemstone Layer Chakra Balancing Healing Wand makes for a great healing tool 4322


Powerful 7 Gemstone Layer Chakra Balancing Message Wand Healing Wand All Weight: 2oz(77g); 5 1/2"x 3/4"x 3/4"(14cm x 1 1/2cm x 1 x 1 1/2cm) Stones that make-up the pendant are: Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Sunstone, Peach Aventurine & Red Jasper Benefits of 7 chakra stones Root Chakra…. Red Jasper… Red... Represents healing, grounding and completion. Pelvic Chakra… Peach Aventurine… Orange... represents prosperity, success, creativity. Solar plexus Chakra… Sunstone… Yellow... Dissipates negative energy, promotes optimism. Heart Chakra… Green Aventurine...Green... Represents balance, peace, healing, love, compassion. Throat Chakra… Topaz… Blue… represents courage, strength and acceptance. Brow (Third eye) Chakra… Sodalite…Indigo… represents higher knowledge, intuition and wisdom. Crown Chakra… Amethyst...Purple…represents spiritual awareness, meditation and transformation.
List Price: $75.00
Price: $50.00

Sodalite Access to subconcious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental perfomance, deepened intuition 2603


Sodilite Necklace found in Bahia, Brazil and other deposits are in Canada, Namibia, India and Brazil. Element: Wind Chakras: Root(1st) Weight: 69g(2 3/8oz) Dimensions: 17 1/4"x 1/2" x 1/2" (42 1/2cmx 1cm x 1cm) Stone of insight and pattern-recognition. Sodalite evokes images from deep within the subconcious, enabling one to see one's core lessons in this life time and to understand where one is on the path to completing them. Acts as a guide on a inner travel!
List Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00

Sodalite Buddha helps let go of contril issues 615


Weighs 87 grams. 50 mm x 25 mm x 55 mm. Excellent 3rd eye stone increasing psychic awareness. From India.
List Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00

Sodalite clears up mental confusion 2182


Beautiful Blue Slab Sodalite establishes inner peace. Weighs:13.7oz(391 grams) 9cm x 2.5cm x 9cm (3.5"x 3.5"x .8") Vibrates to #4.Astrological Sign Sagitarius
List Price: $60.00
Price: $45.00

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