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Austin , Texas.

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Pietersite is said to hold the "keys of Heaven" as it links everyday consciousness to the spiritual - reminding us that we are spiritual beings on a human journey.  It helps one to become in touch with the Akashic Records (incarnation records).  It is a stone of vision for use on Shamanic journeys and meditations. It works strongly on the body during moving meditations, quickly accessing a high state of altered awareness. Pietersite stimulates the third eye giving access to intuition and promoting a profound spiritual visions and precognition.  It links into a very loving level of guidance.

It also helps to link you with your inner guidance system and dissolve stubborn mental blockages.   A strong stone of truth that helps you to soar spiritually.  It removes stubborn blockages and clears confusion.  .

Peitersite promotes "walking in your own truth".   It is very supportive and strengthening that helps you to speak out and explore anything that is blocking your access to the truth.  Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Chakra: Crown/Throat
Candle Colour: Blue

Pietersite helps improve memory 2900


Pietersite slab (polished)from South Africa. Weighs:2.5oz(69 grams) Dimensions:8cm x 6cm x .5cm(3.5"x 2.5"x.25") Lovely color Spiritually and psychically, pietersite helps in working with angels, experiencing visions, and precognition, relating to feminine energy, as well as astral and dimensional travel. Emotionally, pietersite helps to relax, and release deep emotions in a calmer way. Pietersite is also excellent for improving memory.
List Price: $60.00
Price: $50.00

Pietersite Pendant great crystal for Shamanic journeys 2201


Pietersite Pendant set in Sterling Silver. From South Africa.Beautiful. Helps dissolve stubborn mental blockages. Weighs .3 oz(11 grams) Dimensions excluding bail:1"x.8 x.3"(2.5 cmx.5cm x 2cm).Zodia Sign Sagitaurius.Chakra :Crown Throat.Each shaman begins there journey with a theme, if they are looking for guidance on a specific issue, their theme would be whatever the issue is. They form a phrase or a sentence they repeat it over and over again. This phrase or sentence helps to transcend them into the spirit world. Shamans also finds a place of tranquillity in his mind, there can be no other noise around them, and they must achieve a totally calm state of mind with no outside distractions.
List Price: $90.00
Price: $70.00

Pietersite Pendant helps you soar Spirituality 2199


Pietersite Pendant set in Sterling Silver. From South Africa.Beautiful. Helps dissolve stubborn mental blockages. Weighs .5 oz(17 grams) Dimensions excluding bail:1.4 "x 1.5"x.25"(3cm x .7cm x 2.5 cm).Zodia Sign Sagitaurius.Chakra :Crown Throat.
List Price: $80.00
Price: $70.00

Pietersite Skull removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by other people 1414


Beautiful Pietersite Skull Size: 4.4"x3.0"x3.4" (111x75x87 mm) Weight:1.8LB (820g) From Namibia.Removes belief and conditioning imposed by other people.Crystal system Trigonal. Chemical Composition: A mixture of Chalcedony and Riebeckite .Chalcedony chemical composition is SiO2 Silicon Dioxide.Pietersite is rare.
List Price: $700.00
Price: $600.00

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All in the Mind?? If you use crystals to enhance your wealth, well being, for love, to calm your nerves, or health elements such as digestion, manic depression, or if you simply like to hold them while you meditate as I do. Is it all in the mind, or is it? .

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