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Austin , Texas.

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Opal are known to strengthen the will to live.  Linked to the heart, and told to stimulate the glands and regulate the metabolism. Opal has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, pouring a warm healing energy on broken hears and restoring harmony. White: Greatly increases general productivity through activation of the necessary glands. Regularizes the biorhythms of the wearing, avoiding discordant energies which may lead to uncontrolled behavior between frantic activity or total inactivity.  Harmonizing desire, creating lovemaking rather than pure appetite, restores pleasure to eating which alleviates food related disorders. Fire: This opal supports through emotional turmoil, and is a wonderful stone in releasing and letting go of the past. It resonates with the abdomen and lower back and the triple burner meridian.  It heals the intestines as well as the kidneys, balancing the adrenal glands and preventing burn out. It also stimulates the sexual organs, and is an excellent stone for warming and reenergizing.

Opal Blue Chips Necklace strenghtens will to live 2039


Blue Opal chips Necklace Weighs 1.3 oz(38 grams). Dimensions 17" x .5"x .25(43cm x 1.5cm x .7cm). Opal can help to instill a sense of loyalty and faithfulness in both personal and business relationships. It also will assist to open/awaken the intuition
List Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00

Opal to amplify oneself and bring change1760


Opal Weight: 1 7/8 oz (53g) 2" x 1.5" x .75" (5.08cm x 3.81cm x 1.9cm) Astronomical Signs of Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio. Vibrates to the number 8. Opal amplifies ones own traits, providing impetus to overcome the lesser attributes once they are clear. Bringing self awareness, Opal allows free flow of inspiration and creativity. Known as the stone of happy changes. From Australia.
List Price: $65.00
Price: $50.00

Opal white/purification 1672


Opal Found in Brazil. 2 7/8oz (80g); 2 3/4" x 2"x 1 1/4" (7cm x 3 1/4cm x 4 1/2cm) White Opal provides purification of one's energy field, cleansing and rebalancing the chakras of the etheric body and support for their connection to one's physical self.
List Price: $90.00
Price: $75.00

Opal white/purification; pink/emotional healing 1576


Opal This one is from Brazil. 97g (3 3/8oz); 2 1/2"x 2 1/4" x 1" (7cm x 5cm x 3cm) White Opal provide purification of one's energy field, cleansing and rebalancing the chakras of the etheric body and support for their connection to one's physical self.From Mineas Gerias Brazil Note: Opals have different energy properties dependending on the color
List Price: $60.00
Price: $50.00

Owyhee Blue Opal Quiet Strength, calm confidence, decisiveness, inner exploration, psychic protection 1607


Owyhee Blue Opal A new variety of Opal, discovered near a sacred Indian springs in Owyhee, Oregon,2003. 122g (4 3/8oz); 2 3/4" x 2" x 1 1/2"; (7cm x 4cm x 5 1/2cm) These stone combine a very pure Blue Ray of the throat chakra and third eye with subtle golden highlights, which activate the solar plexas. Thus they wed the powers of perception, expression and will, an admirable vibrational combination which enable the user to see, speak and act with clarity, authority and confidence.
List Price: $250.00
Price: $200.00

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