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Austin , Texas.

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Dioptase is a powerful healer for the heart and opener for the higher heart chakra. Its wonderful blue-green colour brings all the charkas up to a greater level of functioning and facilitates spiritual attunement, reaching the highest levels of consciousness. It has a dramatic effect on the human energy field. Dioptase promotes living in the present moment, and paradoxically, activates past-life memories. It supports a positive attitude to life and instils the ability to tune into your own resources. Working in all areas of life to turn negative into positive, it overcomes any sense of lack and enables fulfilling potential. It is especially helpful when you do not know what to do next, as it indicates your direction. Dioptase is a strong mental cleanser and detoxifier. It releases the need to control others. It can act as a bridge to emotional healing, especially for the child within. Its green ray reaches deep within the heart to absorb festering wounds and forgotten hurts. It dissolves grief, betrayal and sorrow and is extremely effective for healing heartache and the pain of abandonment. Dioptase teaches that ultimately pain and difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self. Repairing that link and drawing in love at all levels, it can heal an emotional black hold that is desperate for love. This stone clears away perceptions as to how love ought to be and brings in a new vibration of love. Placed on the third eye it activates spiritual attunement and psychic vision and brings awareness of inner riches.

Dioptase  helps open the heart to encourage love and compassion and to heal emotional pain 2132


Magnificent Green Dioptase from the Congo. Primary Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Higher Heart. Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius. Numerical Vibration: 8 Meditating with Dioptase motivates ones ability to forgive in order to heal emotional wounds. -Aids in releasing negative emotional patterns and has been useful in easing emotional pain associated with such things as trauma and divorce. -Helps to dissolve feelings of grief and sorrow associated with such things as death and also promotes the healing of neglect and abuse. -It helps awaken memories of past-lives and gives one the ability to identify current situations from a new perspective so that healing can take place. Weighs :9.3 oz(265 grams). 9.5cm x 9cm x 4cm(4 " x 3.5" x 1.5") The color is truly inspiring.
List Price: $400.00
Price: $360.00

Dioptase and Azurite Sphere stimulates memory of past lives 5314


Dioptase and Azurite Sphere Green Dioptase Used for balancing Yin and Yang Energy. From Namibia Weighs 11 1/4(oz) 320 grams.Diameter 2"(5 cm).Minerals are Azurite ,Malachite and Dioptase. Helps release karmic contracts.
List Price: $300.00
Price: $200.00

Dioptase can help relieve mental stress 2241


Beautiful Green Dioptase from the Congo. Weighs:10.5 oz(300 grams) Dimensions:3.25"x 2.5"x3"(6.5cm x 9cm x 7.5cm). Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius Numerical Vibration: 8 Primary Chakra:Heart,Third Eye.Is an Excellemt stone to further Spiritual attainment.
List Price: $400.00
Price: $300.00

Dioptase forgivenss, compassion, release of karmic pattern, prosperity 4872


Dioptase is a powerful ally for awakening loving compassion and for healing emotional pain. It emanates the energy of pure Green Ray of the heart and is an ideal stone for energetically supporting the Heart in every way!!! Element: Water Chakras: Heart(4th) Weight: 3 1/4oz(92g) Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 1 1/2"(5cm x 5cm x 3 1/2cm) From Congo
List Price: $125.00
Price: $150.00

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All in the Mind?? If you use crystals to enhance your wealth, well being, for love, to calm your nerves, or health elements such as digestion, manic depression, or if you simply like to hold them while you meditate as I do. Is it all in the mind, or is it? .

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