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Austin , Texas.

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Home » Crystals » Arkansas Quartz


Untitled Document what makes ARKANSAS QUARTZ CRYSTAL so special? According to Edmund Harold in "Focus on Crystals":*
"The closer...crystal formations lie to the magnetic core of the planet, the greater their magnetic field. All quartz mined in areas such as Arkansas in the United States -- a region which is extremely close to that core -- emit powerful electromagnetic energies, and this area currently provides the purest quartz crystal known to mankind."
Quartz is made through the extended process including pressure and heat. Because they are hidden deep in the ground or often cleaned as a result of streambeds, components of silicon and water blend. It will take 10,000 years to build. It shapes deep in the planet’s center. Throughout historical practices, quartz was named as the “veils of the earth” because it looks like frozen earth or frozen lights. Quartz is generally identified close to gold. Even though quartz is found everywhere, greater quantities of quartz crystals are usually excavated in the state of Arkansas and Brazil.

Arkansas Clear Quartz Abundance formation 4801


Beautiful Arkansas Quartz Abundance formation.Crystal Clear Point. From Arkansas. Abunance helps bring wealth. Weighs:2 lb 2.9 oz(990 grams) Dimensions:7"x3.5"x 1.5"(17 cm x 9cm x 4cm) Has a Rainbow>Beautiful Inclusions.
List Price: $300.00
Price: $200.00

Arkansas Clear Quartz Point purest quartz known to mankind 2632


Beautiful Arkansas Point Quartz with Barnacles. Weighs 1 lb 7.9 oz(678 grams) Dimensions:13cm x 6cm x 5.5cm:5"x 1.75"x 2" Beautiful natural clear point. Barnacle Quartz Crystals are excellent for those who serve the public, instilling the idea that the group is more than the individual parts. This crystal encourages people to work well together. It is helpful when you are grieving for a loved one. Barnacle Quartz is a crystal of fertility--for both the body and the mind. Dimensions:13cm x 6cm x 5.5cm:5"x 1.75"x 2"
List Price: $150.00
Price: $75.00

Arkansas Quartz Cluster  revitalizes and Reenergizes 4804


Arkansas Quartz Cluster.Beautiful Weighs :4.4 lbs(1881 grams) Magnificent Cluster.Has a sparkling points Dimensions:16"x 15"x 5"(16cm x 14 cm x 8cm) .Clear Quartz is the "Stone of Power" and can help to amplify any energy or intention. The Sacred Geometry of a naturally formed 6-sided clear quartz point contributes the the ability of clear quartz to amplify any vibration or intention. Chakras :All.Astrological Sign:all
List Price: $500.00
Price: $175.00

Arkansas Quartz Clusters is very clear,some amazing points 2560


Beautiful Arkansas Quartz Cluster. Weighs 15.5 lbs(7 kgs). Has beautiful sparkling points.Has beautiful single and double terminations.From Arkansas. Dimensions:13"x 10 "x 3"(33cm x 25cm x 8cm) This cluster will Invigorate any room with Magic. Chakras:All.Numerical Vibration:4,7 Astrological Sign:all. Amazing!!
List Price: $2,000.00
Price: $1,500.00

Arkansas Quartz Double Terminated Points energy is clear and strong 4806


These are "Extra" grade, high quality Clear Quartz Points from Arkansas. These Quartz points are beautifully clear and sparkle in the light. Arkansas Quartz crystals are dug out of a thick layer of clay and then washed to become some of the most clear and sparkly Clear Quartz crystal in the world. The Quartz feels very young and playful compared with other types of quartz points, but the energy is very clear and strong. Weighs :2 lb 8.2 oz(1141 grams) Dimensions:16 cm x 9cm x 6cm(7"x 3.5"x2.5") Double Terminated
List Price: $125.00
Price: $100.00

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All in the Mind?? If you use crystals to enhance your wealth, well being, for love, to calm your nerves, or health elements such as digestion, manic depression, or if you simply like to hold them while you meditate as I do. Is it all in the mind, or is it? .

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