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Austin , Texas.

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Home » Crystal Shapes and Formations » Soulmate Tantric Twin Formation

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Twin Crystal/Soulmate
is recognized by two crystals growing together.
Properties Lore: Twin crystals are mystically purported to assist in building relationships of all kinds. They are said to help attract like-minded people, and in this way help find one's soulmate. For those already in a relationship, twin crystals are said to strengthen and deepen the relationship. A tantric twin is two crystals approximately the same size that share a common base and signifies a joining or a sacred union. 

Amethyst(Twin) protection, purification, divine connection, release of addictions 2627


Amethyst Twin with Baby from Bolivia. Element: Wind Chakras:Third Eye(6th), Crown(7th), Etheric(8th and beyond,above the head) Weight: 2lbs 6 3/4oz(1kg 97g) Height: 5 1/2"x 3 1/2" x 3 3/4"(14cmx 6cmx 9 1/2cm) Amethyst facilitates meditation and engenders communion with one's guides and one's angles. It assist one in surrendering to the Divine and assuming one's spiritual power as a Creation of that Divine being. Ideal stone for enhancement of one's physical enviroment. Bringing the feeling that one is protected by a "bubble of light".
List Price: $125.00
Price: $100.00

Arkansas Quartz Twin(Clear)Abundance, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement 2639


Clear Quartz(twin) from Arkansas. Element: Storm Chakras: All Weight: 2 053g(4lb 8 .4 oz) Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 5 1/4"(13 1/2cm x 11 1/2cmx 13 1/2cm) This Clear Quartz points are as clear as glass. Quartz from Arkansas is the most neutral and readily affected of the Clear Quartz family. It has great clarity and a pristine energy that is easily programmable. Arkansas Quartz is excellent in vision work and in prgramming for prayer healing! Also...abundance...and a rainbow inside!!!Has a tiny chip on one of the points,but is still magnificent.
List Price: $275.00
Price: $250.00

Quartz Twin, Power and Clarity 1219


Quartz Twin or Bridge 15 5/8oz or 444g. 3.25" x 2.5" x 3.5" (8.5cm x 6cm x 9cm) Called the Universal Crystal, Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Quartz is a stone that can access ancient wisdom and bring it into the present.This is a confusing crystal,it hard to tell if it is twin or a bridge. From Brazil.
List Price: $55.00
Price: $35.00

Quartz(clear) clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement 1674


Clear Quartz(Twin) Found in Brazil. 56g (1 7/8oz); 5 1/2cm x 1 1/2cm x 3cm (2 1/4" x 3/4" x 1 1/4") Clear Quartz embodies the concept of clarity and the value of becoming a vessel for the LIght of the Divine. It brings clarity of thought and purpose to one's mind and heart and can assist one in overcoming confusion.
List Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00

Tibetan Quartz twin protection and purification 2920


Black Tibetan Quartz. From Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. Twin Soul mate formation Helps you find South mate. Weighs :5 lb 8 oz(2521 grams) Dimensions:20 cm x 9cm x 8cm(9"x3 " x 3.6 ") Beautiful Formation. Perfect Natural Point.
List Price: $350.00
Price: $250.00

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All in the Mind?? If you use crystals to enhance your wealth, well being, for love, to calm your nerves, or health elements such as digestion, manic depression, or if you simply like to hold them while you meditate as I do. Is it all in the mind, or is it? .

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